About minJosefine

The product brand minJosefine started at a little local Christmas fair in 2009. The person behind the brand is Josefine Rausand, a swede who lived in Norway since 1998. She has a degree in finance and marketing but has always had her heart in the beautiful and creative world.

Some of her girlfriends started "The little big Christmasfair" on Nesodden outside Oslo. Josefine wanted to participate but did not know with what products. At the same time one of her sons were making Christmas lanterns of jam jars at preschool. It was a good idea thought Josefine and also began making lanterns out of jam jars. That’s how it all began. Josefine had just learned to crochet – and the first lantern was not very professional. But the lanterns sold very well on the first Christmas fair and even better on the next.

Word spread and eventually it was also common that the customers came to Josefine to buy lanterns. Many said that she had to go bigger with this! So Josefine took the step into the professional interior world and exhibited at the Gift & Interior Exebition in Lillestrøm in the spring of 2011 – and received good response! Production in China began using the professional “Pia Design” production team. The success was a fact in the autumn of 2011, and the products are now available in many stores throughout Sweden and Norway.


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